Saturday, May 13, 2006

Some more Caricatures from the past few events.

Some of these where outside events, so the lighting is not ideal.

For this prom Marco and I came up with a list of things that we had to do. Like not draw eyes or make the guy look better than the girl....stuff like that. It was so much fun trying to include something from our list, or to try and see how many of the items we could fit on each page. The crowd really loved it and lined up all night just see what kind of crazy we were going to do to their freinds:)

This event we had premade backgrounds. It was fun coming up with different ways of drawing the same them. Eventually I had people hold a kite that was laying on the ground and pose with it.

I kid you not, this whole family had the biggest ears I ever saw. I really needed a couple more yards of paper just to fit them in proper.

My final one of the night and my favorite. These guys had such great faces I wish they would have let me draw them each separate.