Saturday, July 07, 2007

Parks, picnics, parties, and proms. Part 5

The lady on the left was 8 days of grotesque. But I only had 5 minutes.

These girls got redrawn by another artist. I take that as a compliment.

Love her face

This kid was full of shit, and he gave me a bunch of sass. So I had to make fun of him with my co-workers. He was also dumb as bricks, and he played tennis. I think he gets beat up at school alot. By girls probably.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Parks, picnics, parties, and proms. Part 4

"There's freckles in my gums."

"Her freckles are exploding off her face!"

Yup thems catepillars on his head.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Parks, picnics, parties, and proms. Part 3

These next three are from a prom that Billy, Marco and I drew at. Before we started we made up a list of rule-breakers to draw. Stuff like missing features, disconnected features, geometric face shape, features over-lapping, nose over mouth. Stuff like that.

This old dude sat down, and wouldn't stop hitting on this girl. His wife didn't seem to mind.

I asked this girl before I drew her how does she want her sketch on the caricature scale. "Mild, Medium, or Hot?" She sad she don't care, and that she don't care how funny it is, I can do anything. So I did, and she bought a frame. Then she had it redrawn. So why did she buy a frame?

Jawas love cash. Its to pay for all that bling.

Parks, picnics, parties, and proms. Part 2

The girl kept talking about her boyfriend, and how handsome he is, and how much she loved him. Chad just talked about himself.

The kid wouldn't stop eating popcorn. He's gonna have pooping problems.