Monday, July 14, 2008


At this event I felt like practicing vignettes. I've been painting alot of portraits lately, and all the big time pros say its important

Crushed it!

Copic day

I drew with a copic chisel tip at this gig and most of the drawings didn't come out that well.
Not Beau Huff
"Can you draw me with my Prada's"
"You sure you can't draw me with my Prada's?"
"I'm Sure"
"Oh hi Suzy. I'm getting my drawing done, but I wanted to wear my Prada's"

The new girl

The caricature lead team. Clockwise from left Me, Jon, Miranda, Blee, Coby Castro

Crushed it!

Crushing it again

This was the funnest event I've done in a long time. Free food, free ice-cream, free donuts, free churros, and I got to draw with my old school Sea World buddies Tou Vue, and Brian Morente. We just kept challenging each other and really got into crushing it toward the end.

No she wasn't happy, hit me and took off.

My favorite baby drawing

2nd favorite baby sketch

Crushed it!

When a boy becomes a man.....

....he becomes a superhero

.....maybe he fiends a lady

.....he gets himself a pair of gats and becomes a cowboy.
.....Gets drawn as picachu with his dad the lead singer of LA Guns, or was.
....graduates high school and gets his sketch drawn on a pre-drawn body. his thumb
....make a gosh darn fool of himself

Crushing it

High school grad night that I stayed an hour extra on accident. I was supposed to leave at 3 and around 3:45 am the crew asked my what was I still doing there, and let me leave, but it was worth it.

Last hour crushing it