Thursday, January 13, 2011

DalaKonst 2010

DalaKonst is held at Dalarnas Museum from December 14 till January 14. Its an art museum in Falun, Sweden. Where the works of Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson are displayed. Every year they have an exhibition for the artists of Dalarna. The Middle part of Sweden. Over 1000 works are submitted by more than 100 artists. This year they choose around 50 artists and over 100 pieces to display. They choose 2 of mine!
Its kind of a big deal.

I submitted 4 paintings and 1 drawing. They choose to exhibt my self portrait and the drawing. I also made the frames. My mother-n-law took the pictures for me.

I drew this guy at a violin class, and later worked more on the values and quality.
My portrait was in the back by the door. It wasn't that bad of a spot. When people came in or left, they got a good look at it.

My drawing it on the right.

A better view