Saturday, December 16, 2006


At this little gig I was supposed to draw dogs and their owners at a Dogpark for the "Pet Vet Clinic" grand opening. I've only drawn 4 live caricatures of dogs before. I started out drawing the owners with their dogs, but eventually they only wanted drawings of their mutts. These people are just like the guests in the park, or at any other gig were children are involved. "Make sure to get his eyelashes in there"
"Don't forget his little birthmark on his face"
"Draw her pretty"
"Don't draw him, too, fat. Hehe"
Anyways the event was topped off by having dogs get into fights under my lap easle, running into my easle, kicking over my supplies (over and over again), and a couple of dogs taken turns pissing on my jacket that was hanging from my chair. And not once did the owners tell their mutts to "stop" or "NO!." The only time I heard anyone tell their dog to "stop!" Was the guy that had to keep yelling at his dog to stop humping the other dogs. I had lots of fun.

A chocolate Lab

German Shepard

I heard that Dalmations were inbreed and spastic. So thats what I was trying to capture.

My favorite. I was happy how Rocky here came out.

This dog is called a Bingo. Yep just like the song. That black thing on his face was a birthmark( well thats what they called it anyways.) It came out looking like crap.

One of those Taco Bell dogs.

This was the culprit with the pink crayon that was trying to impregnate everyone.