Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Talk Derby to Me

Beau Hufford and I have been collaborating on the San Diego Derby Dolls monthly bout flyers. This is our last one. It was a great learning experience. Even if we learned what not to do.
We did the flyers to promote our site.
I mean because we luv roller derby

This was our favorite out of the few that we did.

Monday, October 08, 2007

At the NCN I won something!!!!!!!! Yeaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

I went to a convention of caricature artists in the little big town of Reno Nevada. It was a week long, and one of the events was "The Speed Competition." 80 artists from around the world competed to be the fastest on the the planet. We had to draw as many black and white faces as possible in 5 minutes. I completed 19! It was fun to compete with and againest my fiends, and win something.
Well I get to be the 3rd loser for about a year. Its better than 4th place.
Big Kev shot some video of it, if you want to check it out. I'm in the hat. The other guy is some dude named Joe Bluhm.

I also drew a little. Here's the wall where they let me hang my junk.

Can you guess who's who? I can.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Parks, picnics, parties, and proms. Part 8

Her dad asked if I could give this drawing to him before I showed it her.

"Draw me with dogs"
Two counts as dogs, right?

These guys were something special. They wanted to be drawn like "Charlie's Angels" and they thought they were hot poop cuz they invented silent velcro. Their next big deal is making a reality show about reality shows.

Parks, picnics, parties, and proms. Part 7

The Mom asked if there was something I could do about his tooth, after I drew it. I told her it wasn't my fault his tooth was that big. She spent the rest of the sketch telling her son that its supposed to be funny and she faked laughed the whole time. When he saw it he just stared, at his tooth.

Today was her 36th birthday!


These are the display caricatures that I recently put up at Legoland.

Some are in frames

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Parks, picnics, parties, and proms. Part 6

"Draw me in a tuxedo"
"What do you want to be doing in your tuxedo?"
"I dunno"
"What kind of tuxedo, what color?"
"I don't care"

The next few sketches were done after reading Joe Bluhm's book "Rejects" I thought I would try coloring like he does. Well try. I don't add alot of color to my sketches just the basic peach for the face and so forth. Keep it simple. But for a few sketches I tried to add a few extra colors where they belonged and remembered the comment Joe made about "just using the colors you see"