Saturday, August 19, 2006

Drawing at a little picnic with Court Jones

It was a great learning experience sitting next to Court for this gig. His line work iss amaaazzing! I was trying to study his execution, and really focused on how he does noses. He can do them effortlessly in about one continuous line. I feel mine have become to monotonous, and so I tried to replicate his results. Please just let me know what you think of the likeness's, where I went wrong or where there is room to improve. I would really appreciate any kind of critique for this one, or any other post. I'm posting my sketches so that I can improve.

This girl had a little snaggley tooth on the left. When I saw it I asked her to smile a little bigger and said" It looks like you got one hiding in there." She didn't open her mouth any more after that.

I luv drawing me them fat kids.