Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Swedish Writers

There is a little silly story about all of these at the bottom. If you like those kinds of things.
Bengt Emil Johnson
Born in Saxdalen
Krister Gidlund and Anna Hallberg
Dan Andersson

So the story is.....
I found this free book at the library about Swedish writers. Little bios, and info on their work. Mostly people I never heard of or seen. Each page has a great little photo of each of them. I thought it might be a great opportunity to practice drawing portraits. My goal lately is to devote at least 10 minutes a day to draw portraits from this book. The 10 minutes usually doubles or grows to an hour. Sometimes I work on the same drawing for a few sessions. Its liberating to draw someone I don't know, and who will not see the drawing. Really free.

The Misses

Thought it might look good without the detail on the back of the head.

Choir Practice

On Thursdays I attend a choir practice in Leksand. This is what happens.