Thursday, February 02, 2012

My Precious.

There's a story that goes along with this. The long version includes Twihards, Transformers and  Triceratops fighting to save the planets from eco-terrorists. The short version involves me dripping a bunch of watercolor, and drawing my son, Timjan.

 My daughter was painting next to me, splashing little drops of color on my drawing. No biggie. She now has a mole on her 4head.
 WIP. Soon to be another drawing of Timjan. I'm working my way up to start a painting of him. We all have one except him. Poor lil guy.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Oodles of Doodles.

The first couple of pages are from a few nights ago. My daughter and I were up late drawing, and our bunny was modelling. We were listening to some awesome music on Swedish radio, and She was asking me about Spider-Man. Here favorite thing right now is to hear stories of his. Thats why there are some silly drawins of the Kingpin, Black Cat, and Spider-Man in his Alien abductor Symbiote Black costume. So she could see what I was talking about.

Nighttime doodles

 Story doodles

Lunch time doodles

 Stray doodles

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Almost portraits

This is a collabo with my son Timjan. Thats his chinese writing at the top. Its what happens when you leave your art supplies, and sketchbook out.

The eye on the right side of the drawing is too big, I know. The hair didn't come out to bad:)

As a footnote in art history: The orchid, and the reference picture used, where from the the same place. My mother-n-laws kitchen, but at different times.

Marco drew little caricatures of all his friends on Facebook. For free, for fun, because he's Marco. He's asked to be drawn back. Sooooo....
The eyes are a little too big and close together. I've had a kinda eyes to big problem lately. I think its worked its way out by know.