Saturday, December 16, 2006


At this little gig I was supposed to draw dogs and their owners at a Dogpark for the "Pet Vet Clinic" grand opening. I've only drawn 4 live caricatures of dogs before. I started out drawing the owners with their dogs, but eventually they only wanted drawings of their mutts. These people are just like the guests in the park, or at any other gig were children are involved. "Make sure to get his eyelashes in there"
"Don't forget his little birthmark on his face"
"Draw her pretty"
"Don't draw him, too, fat. Hehe"
Anyways the event was topped off by having dogs get into fights under my lap easle, running into my easle, kicking over my supplies (over and over again), and a couple of dogs taken turns pissing on my jacket that was hanging from my chair. And not once did the owners tell their mutts to "stop" or "NO!." The only time I heard anyone tell their dog to "stop!" Was the guy that had to keep yelling at his dog to stop humping the other dogs. I had lots of fun.

A chocolate Lab

German Shepard

I heard that Dalmations were inbreed and spastic. So thats what I was trying to capture.

My favorite. I was happy how Rocky here came out.

This dog is called a Bingo. Yep just like the song. That black thing on his face was a birthmark( well thats what they called it anyways.) It came out looking like crap.

One of those Taco Bell dogs.

This was the culprit with the pink crayon that was trying to impregnate everyone.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Panda Comic

My belief is that by posting this picture I will not be able to do anthing but draw pandas with swords till I finish the comic book I started a few years ago. So now I'm committed. I hope by the next comic-con the first issue will be out, or at least the artwork.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Prettiest Baby in the World

Well, I colored it as pretty as I could. Does anyboddy know how to color babies pretty?

Purdy baby

I have a hard time drawing babies. I try to make them cute, and I just can't get it right. I've tried drawing lots of them, but still no success. If anybody out there in Internet Land could help I would appreciate it. If you have any tips or techiniques on how to draw a baby as cute as a button, let me know, please.

Life drawings, kinda

I have a ton of different white pencils, pastels and chalks. I have no idea why. Tried them all out to see how they liked the paper. Some of them didn't get along.

One day in my life drawing class there was a nude model. A hundred years later I used a computer to color it. Her head is to small and I think I forgot to draw her shoulder blades. Maybe she didn't bring them.

--EDIT-- I made her head bigger in photoshop. Its not so tiny now.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NCN Convention

This is the artwork that I did at the NCN. I would have done more, but I couldn't stop looking at all the other art and the techniques being used. I was blown away.
Let me know what you think of the likeness's. I only went there to learn, and this would be the next step in that learning process. The critique.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

One more time

At this gig they allowed me to use a little rendering. It was just in time for the Con. Now I feel all warmed up.

This the first one that I started feeling it.

Um this dude(on the left) I kneeew was going to be some kinda experience. He asked if I could draw him and said that he would love me forever if I did. I told him I hoped he didn't live long. He kept asking me if he could pose with his hands; doing the robot, double vikings, fist on his chin. He picked doing the robot, and even after I drew them and told him they where drawn he kept asking for poses. I would remind him, "Dude I already drew your hands doing the robot." He would go, "Oh Yeah" and remove his fist from his chin. He screamed like a little short-haired girl when I showed it to him, and hugged me, too much. Every time he would walk by later in the night he would hug me and say, "Thanks I'll love you forever." I threw up a little in my mouth. He even stuck around while I was drawing other people to laugh and make jokes about him coming out of the closet. Oh by the way while I was drawing him he bit 2 girls on the ass, and one dude.

I don't know if I pulled off what I was trying to do with his lips. The girl was just about 2 meals away from evaporating.

Monday, September 25, 2006

After the con

I was so fired up after the con, I just couldn't wait to get in the park and sketch. I was really inspired by the artwork that I saw there.

I just drew these guys for fun. They were waiting for Coby to finish drawing their kid.

Thought it would be fun to light him from underneath for a change.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


I ran a Caricature Convention here in San Diego on Tuesday the 19th. With about 30 in attendance(twice the# that I thought would show.)Artist from all over San Diego, L.A. and Orange County came to draw each other funny.
I thought it would be fun to practice what the real convention is like, and give the artists that aren't going a chance to experience some of the same fun. It was alot of work, and even though it didn't seem like it at times, diffently worth it. Court Jones was a ton of help. He's been to a bunch of conventions before, and was a great resource on the format, and procedures.

Here's my little wallspace at the Min-Con here in San Diego. I was running around doing all the execuative stuff and didn't have as much time to draw as everyone else:( I also gave one of my drawings to my friend, forgetting that I needed it for the competition. (DUMB)

Monday, August 28, 2006

It was a good sketch day

In the morning I had this really boring event at a furniture store "grand re-opening." Hardly anybody showed up. They gave away $10000 dollars in store credit to some family, and $100 to the first 100 people. It was sad really, after 5hours they still were not at 100 customers. After that I zipped off to work and drew for 3 busy hours. My marker was just dancing all over the page. The sketches were drawing themselves, and I was having so much fun just drawing as fast as I could.

This lady said that when she shows this to her son, his eyes are gonna pop right out of his skull. Old people say silly things.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

My buddy Dale

This is my buddy Dale. He likes sweets, and drinking lots of soda. None of his teeth are getting along. Maybe cause each of them are a different color.
He sweeps up after litter-bugs. So when you go to a theme-park, throw lots of trash on the ground or even better in the bushes, or you'll force this guy outta a job. Thanks America!

Maybe a little progress

Had a couple gigs in the same day. All outdoor. At the first one they feed us awesome Bar-B-Que! They second I sat in the "No-Tip-Zone"

I liked my lines on this one.

This was my favorite of the night. I sketched them both out, and got my lines to match up.