Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I was encouraged by some friends to color this pencil drawing so I did. Thanks guys.
Used Photoshop CS, three tries and the final being around 5 hours.
The process:
1.Made three duplicate layers
2.Layer 1: Image>Adjustment>Hue/saturation, colorize. I then changed the line art to umber so it would copliment the color, and set the layer to multiply.
3.Layer 2 goes under 1 so I can do all my spot/bucket fill colors, and change opacity etc
4.Layer 3 goes at the bottom to make the line art a little darker
5.Layer 4 is put on top: used for highlights and if I want to paint on top of the lines
6. Layer 5 goes between 1 and 3 so I can paint my dark and midtones without going over the lines.
7. Layer 6 goes on the top last so I can do any final touches and the hair. If I don't like the results I can just erease without hurting any of the other art or delete the layer, which I did a few times
Let me know if any of you have a better/easier way, or if you have any suggestions on the process. I'm kinda new at coloring with Photoshop