Wednesday, July 12, 2006

13hrs of drawing...

One 5hr gig at the beach that started at 11am. Then a four hour one at Knotts. After that a four Grad Night in Pasadena that ended at 4:30 am. I think I set a new record, because after that I started my 10am shift at Legoland and drew till 6pm. I got 45mins af sleep, drove 300 miles and used a whole tank of gas. I don't remember it all, but I have these pictures to fill in the gaps.

This dumb shadow is from the camo-canopy that was above us most of the 5 hours. Yes these are the same pre-made bodies from a previous event. I said something dumb to the client that made her think it would be a great idea.

Wow the second event was pre-made bodies too. It was a big surprise to me when I showed up and found out I was doing a roller coaster body for every sketch. Oh and the other big surprise was that the event was all black dress and I was the only one wearing a white shirt.

The last event was in the arcarde of Dave&Busters. I was pooped and was real disappointed in my artwork for the day. I knew I could do better but the ink was just not in my pen that time.

Gaps, glasses, and uh I don't know what else starts with "G"

This was a wild event. We were begging people to let us draw them for the first hour. Then all 6 artists had a 15 person line. At the end each artists drew an extra 5+ minutes and we still had people begging us to draw them!?! Wow, how some things come fullcircle. There was alot of Asian guests at this event and each woman would tell us "You so hansum. Oh you so hansum." Even to the female artists. Then they would say " You draw me pretty, you so hansum, draw me pretty right?" I didn't;)


We saw this lady sitting on a bench near our booth and I just had to draw her...twice! She looked like she had every plastic surgery procedure possible. I tried to draw her from afar without her knowing. When she walked by the booth I just stood infront of the picture so she couldn't see it. Because of her orange skin she has been dubbed......PumpkinHead. Now bow.

Sketches from the park.

I work at Legoland. I draw funny faces. Well I try to make'em funny.

I got to talking about the blues with these two and totally just stamped the ladies face. She was so easy to make fun of and I go and do some dumb "cute-a-ture" of her. I wanted to kick myself in the balls when I realized what I did. I'm sorry.

Dino hands.

This sharks got major overbite. Thats why little punk kids surf on him. His name is Joe.

Yes I know I drew her face all lopsided like, but did you see how riped that kid is? He's gotta be on the juice.

A gig by the bay

I drew a bunch of fugly people today.

I drew a bunch of fugly people.