Thursday, August 10, 2006

One night to render.

After drawing with Joe Bluhm, I decided that foe this gig I was going to try some of the techniques that I saw Joe use. All sketches were penciled, inked, and then rendered with a black prismacolor art stick

Not the first one, but the first not to look like crap. It was really hard to try something different at first, but then I really got into it.

I know this girl doesn't look it but she is a party animal. She really did have those big ears, but she covered them up for the picture. This was my favorite of the night. Had fun with the hair.

I don't know whhhyyyy this guy wasn't wearing a shirt, but they let him run around like that, and who am I to judge.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Drawing with Joe Bluhm

This was the best event ever! The client gave us paper. Really good paper too (cardstock). Extended us twice! For a full hour. Tipped us each $50, and oh yeah I got to draw next to some guy named Joe Bluhm. Joes sketches that night were AMAZING!!! (You get 3 exclamation marks Joe) Every one he did was funny, and rendered in black prismacolor. So they looked awesome, and I learned alot. I tried as much as a could to exaggerate, and push my sketch the farthest it has ever gone. We had a great time, feedeing off of each others energy, joking around with our models, and making fun of each other. If you get a chance check out his blog and see if he put up his yet. If not send him irritated messages till he does.

When I drew the outline of the guy on the left I thought it looked like a nose and just went with it. When he saw it he started swearing at me asking, "What the @#$% is this?" I told him it was his face.

She only had teeth on one side of her mouth. Can you guess which half? Maybe she's saving up for the rest.

This guy was way gay. His friends asked me to make sure that you could tell.

Sometimes I Draw famous people

This guy is on some show called "Inked" I don't know, I don't watch TV, but the hillbilly rednecks in the other chair getting drawn sure do. They made sure that I knew (and everyone else) that I was drawing a "real artist" and not to mess up. Thanks Billy Bob!