Sunday, September 09, 2007

Parks, picnics, parties, and proms. Part 8

Her dad asked if I could give this drawing to him before I showed it her.

"Draw me with dogs"
Two counts as dogs, right?

These guys were something special. They wanted to be drawn like "Charlie's Angels" and they thought they were hot poop cuz they invented silent velcro. Their next big deal is making a reality show about reality shows.

Parks, picnics, parties, and proms. Part 7

The Mom asked if there was something I could do about his tooth, after I drew it. I told her it wasn't my fault his tooth was that big. She spent the rest of the sketch telling her son that its supposed to be funny and she faked laughed the whole time. When he saw it he just stared, at his tooth.

Today was her 36th birthday!


These are the display caricatures that I recently put up at Legoland.

Some are in frames