Tuesday, June 06, 2006

10hrs of drawing....

The day started with a 5hr gig out in Temacula. I haven't done alot of outdoor events during the day before, and this one was the best I ever did. Free churros, free ice-cream, free food, and we were right next to this kick-a$$ band that played nothing but bluegrass, blues, and Johnny Cash! I couldn't get into the drawings at first, but eventually I was trying something new with every sketch. At least new to me o_0

Each one of this kid's teeth was a different size, color, and pointed in a different direction.

I drew this lady three times. Its sucks to cuz she's real scary looking.

These people should not breed

And the third time with her truck driving husband. I forgot his neck >_< doh!

The second five hours was spent at a prom with crappy lighting. I drew next to Court Jones the whole night and learned so much. Everytime I thought I was really doing something out there, he would do one 10x better. I hate you Courtney. We had a great time and the crowd was loving it. Some of them actually got out of line because they were so worried what we might do to their fugly faces.

Started from the inside out with his face.

I started from the inside with his face also. This is one of my favorites from the night.

This is also one of my favorites. I almost forgot to draw his nose. It was the last thing I drew. Weird

Afterwards we spent the night at Don's place and Courtney snored all night.


Pag said...

I saw your name mentioned on the NCN forums. Thanks for posting all these caricatures:)

The Gaber's Sketchblog said...

What have they been saying?

Pag said...

you aren't a member? JOIN NOW:)

Court posted a caricature you did. He said something nice; but I don't recall at the moment.