Sunday, September 24, 2006


I ran a Caricature Convention here in San Diego on Tuesday the 19th. With about 30 in attendance(twice the# that I thought would show.)Artist from all over San Diego, L.A. and Orange County came to draw each other funny.
I thought it would be fun to practice what the real convention is like, and give the artists that aren't going a chance to experience some of the same fun. It was alot of work, and even though it didn't seem like it at times, diffently worth it. Court Jones was a ton of help. He's been to a bunch of conventions before, and was a great resource on the format, and procedures.

Here's my little wallspace at the Min-Con here in San Diego. I was running around doing all the execuative stuff and didn't have as much time to draw as everyone else:( I also gave one of my drawings to my friend, forgetting that I needed it for the competition. (DUMB)


Pag said...

That drawing with the yellow background looks like Jert or Silver did it?

Bill Drastal Blog Mode!! said...

Is that a Silver or a Morante? Can't read the signature.

The Gaber's Sketchblog said...

I was going to sign it "Silver." I think I'd get a better price on ebay.