Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spring Break'n

Mahn its so much fun drawing in the park lateky. Its so busy. I'm waking up each day, excited to go to work. All I have to do is draw when I get there.

The frame ain't that heavy shhiiieeet.

I really like her pony tail brade thing.

This kid has played every Zelda game evr made. I don't even know if there are red octopus's in that game

My best dirtbike sketch evarrr. Thanks Tod Parkhill for showing me the way.


Bill Drastal Blog Mode!! said...

Nice to see you finally putting some more awesome artwork. Lets see some more!!

Dr. Awesome said...

Yeah, the red octopusses/ octopi/ octowhatevers are in Zelda, but the golden snitch is a Harry Potter thing.

earthlovin said...

i love the sketch of the kid on the dirt bike.

Nolanium said...

Your sketches scream sexy!

angel said...

you know we dont use pad right