Friday, July 06, 2007

Parks, picnics, parties, and proms. Part 4

"There's freckles in my gums."

"Her freckles are exploding off her face!"

Yup thems catepillars on his head.


Mark M. said...

you're the meanest party caricaturist I know. Gabe Hunt. Cedar Point needs to see how its done again.

Mark M. said...

hey gabe do you use a markette or a chartpak for gigs? Do you change how much you exaggerate depending if you're drawing at a gig or at in the park?

The Gaber's Sketchblog said...

I use a markette for all my sketches. I did use a prismacolor marker (alot like the chartpak one) for the outside of the face but none of these are from that phase. I was using only the Copic chisel tip for awhile, in some of the previous few posts, and while I was in Texas.
I do go over my lines a few times if the marker is a little dry and they come out grey, or if I want to add a some weight to some of the lines, but I do press real hard on that markette and use the side of it mostly.

Yes I do exaggerate more at gigs because there is no fear of losing money from a reject, but if some real fugly face sits in my chair at work I can't resist and will let loose, but rarely.