Monday, July 14, 2008

Kiddy zoo

For this event we got paid to do chalk drawings on these walls painted with chalk board paint. They gave us a limited pallete that matched the colors from their add campaign, and a bunch of symbols to use. Beau and I tackled a few walls together, while Lindsey and Steve Fishwick drew on a few more at the San Diego Kid Art Museum. 
(sorry all the pictures were taken at night, so the lighting is sucky)

On this wall I did the orange, yellow, grey, except the phone and tv.

This was my favorite. I started on the front and Beau was on the right side working his way to me when our art got close I tried to get it all to be connected in an awesome way. It was a fun collaboration. Once again all the oranges, yellows, and greys, except for the "hi"
The best shot I got of the wall. Beau took care off the middle.
Then we did caricatures!!!


It was an eyebrow night

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