Thursday, July 10, 2008

Small studies

The model didn't show up for class, so Vanessa Lemen sat instead. I used a really small panel this time so I could get her whole portrait done in a short amount of time, 2 1/2 hours. The model usually sits for 2 classes, but she was only going to model for one class. I know that it is kinda a weird composition, but when I started, I wanted the main focus to be that shadow behind her head, but I got involved in contrasting the cools and warms in her face and etc.

5x7 2 1/2 hours

Not alot of time for this one. The background was blue so to save time I used a canvas panel that had a dark stain of prussian blue. I tried to not paint into the areas that I wanted to have cool shadows, or darks.

So not to bad for a quick little study. Maybe another hour would be enough time to fix some of the mistakes, but a great learning experience anyways.

2 1/2 hours
oil on 9X12 canvas board(panel)

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