Wednesday, November 09, 2011

November 30 Days of Drawing (Days 1-4)

For November I'm going to do at least one drawing a day and try to post it each day.
The first four days of November I was drawing moose for an upcoming book I'm working on. TBA
After drawing moose for 4 days i think I'm about 50% the way there. They are alot harder to draw then I thought. Harder to draw than houses. Which I thought at first they where just horses with big horns. I have come across 5 moose in Sweden two of which were a mother and her offspring crossing the road. They are very peaceful and beautiful to watch graze or stride.

The bottom one I tried to make the antlers look more like a crown, as they did in the picture. In Sweden the moose, called elk (älg), are the kings of the forest and their antlers symbolize their crown.
My favorite out of the bunch. The eye needs a little work.


Jon Casey said...

nice work gabe. Stay motivated!

Gabriel Hunt said...

Thanks Jon! I will.

Rita said...

Love the moose!
I can't say the word 'moose'[MOO-ssse]without thinking of my cows! Thanks for all the comments lately. I enjoy the conversation!

Gabriel Hunt said...

Haha! No problem Rita.