Wednesday, February 15, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge. Day 1 and 2

I couldn't think of any funny story to tell about this post so instead I'm just going to say "butternut buttsquash". Aaaaaand booty.
Basically on Facebook there is a 30 day drawing challenge started by one of my friends from Legoland, Marco. I'm helping him with the admin stuff, and its fun to have something to draw, share it with some buddies, and see what they came up with.

 Fox Trot (Day 2)

Before caffeine!!! (Day 1)


Shawnte said...

Nice drawings! I'm gonna go over and check out that art challenge you mentioned.

Gabriel Hunt said...

Thanks Shawnte!. Good, check it out. We are having a bunch of fun over there.

Kai said...

dude, I love your drawings, but why don't you upload them on a more popular platform like DeviantArt, Behance or Dribble? I know, fame isn't everythin', but you seem to deserve it.

Keep it up, I hope you'll get more readers/visitors/watchers.

Anonymous said...

Fox fox fox. Pretty good. :)

Anonymous said...

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