Sunday, April 23, 2006

El Camino High Prom/Funny Faces

I tried the whole night not to be nice for once. Maybe even make people cry. I just kept in mind WWGD, "What Would Grigor Do" No, of course nothing I did is even comparable to Grigor's stuff, but I tried to go further with my sketches than I have before.

This was the last couple I drew. This guy jumped up in the air and danced around shouting when he saw this. I guess he liked it. I never got a reaction as animated as his before.


Bill Drastal Blog Mode!! said...

Nice, you need to make people cry all the time.

Amy said...

Gabe, I needed to see other people's prom pics, and these rock. Thankuverymuch. :)

supreme nothing said...

Cool stuff! Wandered in via Joey's blog. I'm a Richmond friend of Joey, Tod, Johnny and Mez and I drew caricatures at Kings Dominion for something like 8 summers mostly in the early to mid 90's.

I remember many years ago wishing I had tried to document my caricatures of random people. (this is before digital cameras) I totally love that you're posting and archiving this stuff.

Just wanted to tell you I dig what you're doing, and rock on!


Cheeks said...

beeen busy i see! hahaha these are great, gabe!

MJ Sandhe (themonkmob) said...

These are some excellent caricatures my man! Cant\'t really critique these, the facial expressions are exaggerated to the MAX. Great call on these. Are these with like regular permanent marker or copic wide or what?

The Gaber's Sketchblog said...

All sketches done with a Markette marker. I use that marker because my company supplies me with them and they are free. I have no idea where to get them, but a Copic chisel tip is a nice alternative. Also free. I'm not bragging, just cheap.