Friday, February 27, 2009

Self Portrait #1

This is what I look like made out of oilAfter I'm done with a painting I scrape all the leftover colors that I have mixed into little puddles of warm and cool greys. I also wipe my brushes off on a blank canvas. When I started this painting I had a couple of weeks worth of these spare colors, and a very interesting and dark canvas. In a way this portrait is an amalgamate of my paintings. All the experiance from the other paintings went into this portrait by using those colors. A kinda alternative way to symbolize oneself by means of color, instead of objects.

Oil on canvas


Marlo said...

lovely painting. did you wax your unibrow?

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

Thanks Marlo!

I tried to paint it in, but it came out looking like a bad shadow.

Brian Oakes said...

Wow, thats really intresting what you said about this painting