Monday, February 23, 2009


The best landscape painting I did on my weekly outdoor painting trip with Court Jones at the San Diego Mission
oil on canvas
(Court helped a little.)

I'm not good at painting the trees. So I got me a book and started practicing.3x4 oil on massonite

Study of an Elizabeth Tolley Painting
8x12 oil on massonite

Last year I did a little painting in Balboa park of a tree in watercolor. I didn't now how to mix colors back then. After doing a few studies in oil and practicing more with watercolor I painted over it. Adding more cools in the darks and bumping up the warms in the light. Before I started it had a 3 values.

5x8 on Watercolor paper


Tony said...

Loving your paintings dude, you're an inspiration!

A.M.Bush said...

that's a real nice painting of a tree

Gabriel Hunt draws sometimes said...

Thanks Tony. I can't wait to see what you painted on your trip to San Diego.