Friday, December 02, 2011

November 30 Days of Drawing (Day 27-29) Maia!

I was very pleased with this drawing. At first. Now I'm seeing some things that need a little adjusting. Its funny how seeing a drawing after its scanned or the size is reduced, you can pick up on some of the mistakes, and changes that are needed. My daughter was a very good model for this one. She was reading her Disney Princess magazine, and it helped her to keep her pose. I won't take full credit for the nose. My wife helped fix it after I drew it to big. I am very happy with most of the results.
Another phalaenopsis, but this time one of Mother-n-laws. Its my first attempt to draw one, or any flower from the back. The one on the right did not come out as good as I hoped. (Next time)


Johanna said...

Hallo Gabriel,

It is amazing what beautiful art you have been producing this last month. I do like every part of it.

If you might drop in on my blog, in Dutch, please know that the background 's been chosen a long time ago.
Vi ses!

Gabriel Hunt said...

Thanks Johanna! It really helps to be in a group of artists that inspire you to get something done. I'll check out your blog, and Dutch will not be a problem when I have the help of Google Translate.