Saturday, December 03, 2011

November 30 Days of Drawing (Final Day 30) Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel
Inventor of dynamite, and propagator of the Nobel Prize. He's a rather dapper looking fellow here, and was kind enough to model for me. He was very still and didn't say a thing the whole time. For the upcoming art show my group is having, the theme is Nobel. In Sweden, December 10th is Nobel day. He was a Swedish inventor. I'm still not to sure exactly what I will have on display. I have some wild ideas, but they seem hard to conceptualize. I might make it easier on myself and paint or draw a portrait. I checked online and there isn't much art on this guy except from when he was still alive and blowing things up.
Art in the Garden December 10th.


Marvin Lorenz said...

Really nice style! I Like it very much!

Gabriel Hunt said...

Thank you Marvin.